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Build Resiliency

We are stronger when we ensure that every North Dakotan has help when they need it most. I desire to lift up my community equitably and to work on their behalf to shape a state that is responsive to our collective vulnerabilities. I appreciate and respect the diversity of our citizens, and believe each deserves good jobs and strong benefits with fair compensation for their hard work. As team players, we excel at working together for the best outcomes.



A strong education provided by public schools from birth to death creates opportunity through a community of constant and curious learners. I believe a diversity of industries—along with the education pipeline supports—provides opportunity for residents to pursue lifelong work that supports our community. A thriving educational system creates a robust economy and will help recruit and retain a talented workforce to live in ND: to work, to play, to learn, to raise families, and to retire here.

Health Care

I believe healthcare is a human right. Let's focus healthcare dollars on whole health for the mind and body from birth to death. We must have high-quality, affordable services for preventative, medical, dental, and mental healthcare that is accessible to all. People need the right kind of care at the right time in their lives to participate most fully in our community. A strong public health system brings leadership for navigating long-term crises, such as the pandemic, and short-term needs, like when the Red River floods. Health fuels our growth.


Clean water. Clean air. Public lands. Parks. Wastewater treatment. High-speed Internet access. All of these make up a strong infrastructure. Together, they create the backbone of a healthy economy because they provide the basics for any livelihood. I urge us to integrate all elements required for a robust economy: education, arts, humanities, business, civic. Let's extend our presence in areas of greatest expertise to national and international arenas. We must identify new areas of industry and education where we have made discoveries and built intelligence. We can share those experiences and that depth of knowledge with others to create a future that is integrated with economies nationally and abroad.


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